Marco Bonga


He is exactly the guy you expect to meet once you get to the beach. He fell in love with surfing at the age of 16, and he has never stopped practicing it at any levels ever since. He started competing in Sardinia and he made all the way until the ISA World Surf Games. He is a multi-patented instructor, but above all, he is the founder and the technical director of the surf school that works with children from 7 years of age up to… 70! With him, surfing can be as easy as fun! Eventually, you just need to look him in the eye to instantly understand that he is the right person to have at your side when there are good waves. It is impossible not to love him, even if, after all, we all hate him a little because he…just surfs too well!!

Il Bonga


He is Marco’s brother, the other half of the school. He was born as a scuba diver, but since he fell in love with surfing he has made great progress, up to take the school by the hand and bring it to today's level. There won't be a day when Riccardo doesn't give you a smile or he sorts a problem out, with his kind ways and his longboard always in the way, in and out of the water !! It is our main point of reference, for anything can happen, and he will become yours too!

The Facilitator.

Riccardo - Il Facilitatore
Salvatore - Il Decano


He is an ambassador of the Kitesurf scene of northern Sardinia since the 2000s, organizer of the King of The North Shore competition, (international competition of kite surfing and windsurfing, wave riding specialties). and ISA Certified Judge too, (International Surfing Association). He approached surfing in order to improve his style of kite surfing, and immediately joined the surf school's rising project. By virtue of his long experience as president of The North Shore sports association, he actively collaborates in the development of the Bonga Surf School and its many events.

The Dean.


It is the brand-new member of the team. After a MA, an MSc and a Ph.D in Philosophy, he (eventually) understood that true happiness is to be found at sea. And shared. Since returning to Sardinia 9 years ago he has started surfing and even if he never improves his style of surfing, he is one of the most smiling people you can find in the water. And outside too. He is our trusted lifeguard and number one when it comes to organizing a Symposium of any kind.

The Teacher.

Gabriele - Il Professore
Cesare - Il Manager


He comes from Puglia, falls in love with surfing and Sardinia until he decides to stay here. We do not know if he adopted us or the other way around, but in any case we keep it very tight! One of the first students of the school, he quickly became the commercial director, thanks to his experience as Trainer and Store Manager. He is creative, dispenser of ideas, motivator, as a matter of fact, we find hard to list the qualities that distinguish him and for which it is a pleasure to work with this guy. He is always at the forefront of all family events, programs and decisions! His motto is only one: ... Paddleeeeeeeeeeeee !! And he is always right!

The Manager.


She is our own Pamela: She holds a degree in Cultural Heritage Sciences, plus she is water aerobics instructor, lifeguard, and she is used to work with children (including us). She is a Professional Siren Patented. Tireless, sunny, bubbly, we never understood if she is more capable or more beautiful. Marta too was one of the first students of the school, 'surfing has changed her life', as she always says, and now she is among the best female surfers in Porto Ferro Bay! Working with her is always such a great pleasure!

The Mermaid.

Marta - La Sirena
WhatsApp Image 2021-07-28 at 17.29.14.jpeg


She is the brand-new member of the family! She started surfing at age 6, competing at age 7, winning at 8 and she joined the South African junior team 3 years ago. We met her this spring and immediatley wanted her in the team. She has worked in surf schools in South Africa and Portugal. She chose us for this season. When she arrived here in June, in a few days we realized that we don't just have a great surf instructor and an experienced international athlete, but above all a new member of our family! We already love her! If you want to know a professional surfer, Gabi is gonna be the best, with her smile and calm in the water!



She has been saved by Marco in Porto Ferro where she was abandoned 4 years ago, and she is now a dog rescue unit, baby sitter for children, protector of the Porto Ferro dunes, always present during surf lessons, she is the ideal dog for everyone. It is impossible to resist her.


Linda - La Principessa
Bugo - Il Principe


He comes from the distant mountains of Sardinian inner part, and he eventually found a home in the Bonga Surf Family. He is the perfect alarm for the school van and keeper of your belongings during the surf class. He is currently doing a training in order to become a dog unit rescue for the next summer season.