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Girl Surf Power is the “only for girls” surf competition organized by Bonga Surf School, the surf school in based in Porto Ferro, Sardinia, in collaboration with ‘Il Baretto di Porto Ferro’.


The competition is dedicated to all beginner female pupils of the Italian surf schools!


The waiting period is set for the months of July / August. During this time window, as soon as the mistral blows over Porto Ferro Bay, the competition will be called with the traditional system of traffic lights (yellow: alert; green: definitive route).


The schools invited to participate are many: in addition to the Bonga surfers there will be athletes from all over Sardinia plus many Italian realities. "The goal is to give prominence and visibility to women - the organizer, Marco Pistidda explaines - surfing has always been seen mostly as a male sport, but erroneously: in the ocean the presence of girls is constant and growing, and there are many athletes who compete at very high levels. In short, we want to make everyone understand that surfing is a female sport too".

In addition to the surf competition, Girl Surf Power will also be an opportunity to celebrate and get closer to this wonderful sport. There will be space for Indoboard and slackline tests, and a surf exhibition with experienced athletes. As every year, an exceptional godmother will crown the winners and she will be present the entire event.

Speakers and DJs will animate the whole day in pure Californian style where you can admire the dedicated stands and magazines, plus gadgets for young and old will be distributed.


During the G.S.P. the surf school will promote the traditional cleaning of the beach that will bring all the people involved with a common goal that is to remove as much plastic as possible from Porto Ferro Bay.

The evening will end with a party and live music. The organization has involved various artists for years: the poster is always entrusted to a local tattoo artist while the trophies made by the surfer, painter and sculptor Vincenzo Ganadu, famous all over the world for his artworks dedicated to surfing.


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