Our surf course is not a lesson

Each our surfmaster is a passionate surfist with love for this sport and seas. Each lesson is an unique, magical and unforgotten experience that you will remember for all your life!


Base Course

Addressed to those who face their first surfing experience, the base course offers general skills, helping the learner face his/her first experiences in water, in absolute safety: a requisite for obtaining the maximum of fun.


Intermediate Course

Addressed to those who have already had their first experience and want to enhance and improve their surfing technique, increase their autonomy at sea and avoid unpleasant surprises.


Advanced Course

The advanced course is meant for all the atletes who want to better develop their longboarding technique, having already reached a good intermediate level.

Per i nuovi iscritti è prevista una quota associativa annuale di €15

L’iscrizione alla UISP è obbligatoria ed include l’assicurazione necessaria a svolgere le attività.